Marketing as a service

Voici un extrait d’un article édifiant publié dans Adage le 28 juillet dernier et écrit par Drew Neisser, CEO de l’agence Renegade :

« It’s just common sense that if you give a little, you’ll usually get a little in return. But to paraphrase President Harry S. Truman, that (inadvertent) font of marketing wisdom, « If common sense were so common, more [marketers] would have it. » Marketing is nothing more or less than an exchange of value. The better the value the marketer provides, the more time and attention they’ll usually get back from their target. If the value delivered by the marketer is exceptional, then the consumer will pay back the marketer with loyalty and brand evangelism in good times and bad.

Marketing as service is about transforming your communications from mere messaging into an exceptional value that consumers will seek out. To quote Ad Age Editor Jonah Bloom, « Marketing as service is where brands actually give consumers something they want or need, » as opposed to hitting them over the head with messaging they’d rather zap or ignore. While Ad Age and others have chronicled examples of this savvy approach, no one to my knowledge has put forth a how-to guide for marketing as service, so let’s just say, the buck starts here. »


One Response to Marketing as a service

  1. alex dit :

    Bienvenue dans l’économie de l’attention où celle-ci devient une monnaie dans le processus d’échange entre une marque et un individu: quelle valeur ajoutée m’apportes-tu pour que je te consacre un peu de mon attention ?

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